Lesson 1: Protues isis setup, proteus user interface, creating new projects with proteus, Proteus library doesn’t work.
Lesson 2: Proteus circuit drawing, circuit elements, library usage, adding circuit elements to the work area, moving, rotating, 2732 eprom simulation, sample circuit and simulation with proteus
Lesson 3: proteus measuring instrument, how to make electrical connection in proteus, circuit drawing, ammeter usage
Lesson 4: Proteus with bus line drawing, label usage, 7 seg bcd display usage, toogle button usage
Lesson 5: Add, update, add elements to prtoeus library
Lesson 6: How to make proteus simulation. creating a new simulation model
Lesson 7: Proteus 0-9 counter circuit, 4518 integrated circuit, proteus clock generator, digital analysis with proteus
Lesson 8: Microcontroller based digital design using Proteus, Simulating proteus with 8051, at89c51 simulation, led control with a pushbutton, program writing with C
Lesson 9: Creating a project with Keil, proteus microcontroller loading hex code
Lesson 10: Arduino programming with Proteus, arduino library, arduino simulation
Lesson 11: Program writing in proteus with flow diagram
Lesson 12: Arduino servo motor use and servo motor simulation with proteus

Please note that the tutorials in Turkis but English subtitled.

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