Create dotted and dashed lines in illustrator

This tutorial shows how to create both a dotted and dashed stroke as shown below.

Step 1. Draw any shape

  • As an example shape, grab the rectangle tool (M) and click on your artboard.
rectangle tool
  • Type 100 px , 100 px for the width and height. hit Ok.
  • Zoom in by holding down ALT/OPT key and spin the mouse wheel

Step 2. change stroke options

  • Make sure the rectangle is selected. There are multiple ways to reach stroke options. Either use the Properties panel (1), appearance panel (2), or control panel.
  • Click underlined Stroke (1)
  • Change weight to 2 pt (2)
  • Enable rounded cap (3)
  • Enable Dashed line (4) and give the dash and gap values as shown in the figure
  • You should have a stroke like this.

Easy huh! 🙂

Akif Kutlu

How to make a dotted dashed line in illustrator
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