How to make a dotted dashed line in illustrator

Create dotted and dashed lines in illustrator This tutorial shows how to create both a dotted and dashed stroke as shown below. Step 1. Draw any shape As an example shape, grab the rectangle tool ...
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How to sample colors using eyedropper tool outside of illustrator

Sometimes people argue that the illustrator eyedropper tool not working especially while sampling colors outside of illustrator. I hope informations here help you to use eyedropper tool properly. if you want to know about eyedropper ...
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illustrator pen tool

How to use the pen tool in illustrator – Detailed illustrator pen tool tutorial for beginners to intermediate users

The Illustrator pen tool is our first tool for making vector drawings. It's not our only tool. You may have very nice projects in mind. But if you want to be a professional designer, you ...
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shield image

How to adjust the brightness of vector drawings in illustrator

Sometimes people need to make their artwork less bright or darken. You can do this by changing the color of individual objects, or by changing the brightness of your entire drawing. Depending on the complexity ...
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base extract color

How to extract colors from an image in illustrator

This document describes how to make a swatch in illustrator from a raster image. If you would like to extract colors from an image and use them in your artwork, you can do one of ...
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How to use arc tool in illustrator

The section between the two points on the circle is called “Arc”. There are many ways to create an arc in illustrator. The Pen tool (pen tool), the ellipse tool, or even the line tool ...
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export using artboard

How to remove drawings outside of an artboard in illustrator?

This explains how to delete objects outside the Illustrator artboard. Also, the export methods of your vector drawing are shown. You can export your file as a raster image or vector file using these methods ...
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