Braid vector

The braiding is the knitting form in which three ropes are made by passing between each other in order. Braiding, which is known as the motif name in embroidery works, is generally defined as female hairstyle in daily life. A hairstyle formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair

braid brush”, which we use the term in the vector drawings, is the brush form which can be used with the brush tool in the illustrator. The created brush shape can be easily applied to many paths and strokes of the shapes created by the illustrator.

There are different methods in the design of the braid brush. It is designed with the help of the shape builder tool and effects applied to three lines without any reference image. The drawn shape is defined as “pattern brush” brush model.

You can easily create the braid brush by using the instructions in the video.  If you don’t want to spend the time to draw the model and. if you say:  “I want to have the brush and use immediately”, you can download braid brush vector pack from website. I also put a link for the rope brush vector pack below.

Vector download links:

Enjoy watching the video 🙂

How to create braid brush vector in illustrator