Here you will find instructions about drawing camera aperture symbol using illustrator cc. This is a very accurate and easy way of drawing an aperture icon. There is no need to spend more than 2 minutes. just used illustrator basic tools.

Step 1: Go to the arc tool and click somewhere in the artboard.

arc tool

Step 2: Give the X and Y axis values as 300 px and hit ok.

Step 3: Make no fill and 10 pt black stroke for the arc you draw.

Step 4: Go to menu bar and select Effect>Distort&Transform>Transform

Step 5: Using transform panel, make 5 copies with these parameters: 140pt vertical move, Rotate 60°

Step 6: Since it is an effect, first goto Object>expand appearence. After that go to object>expand command. Expand stroke only.

Step 7: While objects are selected, run unite command using pathfinder panel

unite objects

Step 8: Go to tools panel and select draw behind mode.

Step 9: Pick up the ellipse tool and make perfect circle using ALT/OPT + Shift key

Step 10: Select all objects in the artboard and run minus front command using pathfinder panel

Step 11: ungroup the shutter icon object. Remove the hexagonal shape.

Find two videos here. first one shows how to create shutter icon with straight lines. second is curved ones.


How to create shutter icon in illustrator
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