Adobe illustrator is an application used to make vector drawings. The fact that the vector is scaled ensures that there is no loss of quality when scaled. It is mainly used in two dimensional (X and Y axis) drawings. It does not work with third dimension data even though it has “efect” feature which gives three dimension illusion. If you need a three-dimensional design Illustrator will not be the right choice. It is a better solution for you to switch to an Autocad style three-dimensional software.

Apart from Illustrator, there are also applications that provide vector drawing. However, illustrator has been selected as the best vector graphics editor application by PC Mag magazine for 2018. It is developed by Adobe. For other products developed by Adobe, please click here.

The illustrator software can be used to design brochures, banners, invitations, business cards, adverts etc.

It can be installed on both windows and MacOS. There is no difference between these the two versions except for the difference of minor visual look and some short cut key combination. If you haven’t already installed it on your computer, check here to see if your system supports the CC 2018 version.


Adobe Illustrator software is installed for the first time in accordance with the language option of your operating system.  You can change the application language later if needed.


You can save your drawings in vector form * .ai, * .eps, * .svc or * .pdf. extensions.  You can access the file format options that you can open with the illustrator or save as a raster image by clicking here.