Time Needed : 1 minutes

Please follow the instructions here to draw a heart shape in illustrator. This is the easiest way to draw a heart.

  1. Draw “v” shape

    Go to the toolbar and select the pen tool. To create the first anchor point, click somewhere in the artboard. Hold down the SHIFT key move your mouse toward the bottom right side of the artboard for a 45° angle. left mouse click to create the second anchor point. while holding down the SHIFT key move your mouse up and right until the pink guide appear. And then create the third anchor point to create “V” shape.
    how to draw heart in illustrator

  2. Make round cap

    Press the “V” key to stop using the pen tool and select the selection tool. Hit CTLR/CMD + A to select the whole object. Open stroke panel and make a round cap
    how to make round cap

  3. Increase the thickness of the stroke

    Increase the thickness of the stroke until you have the heart shape.
    Change the stroke color to red. Delete fill color. If required expand your stroke Object>expand. expand the only stroke. no need to expand fill.
    This will create a final heart shape.
    heart icon in illustrator

  • pen tool
  • keyboard
  • stroke panel
  • expand command

 If you still want to see how the shape is done, watch the video below. 

How to create a heart shape in illustrator
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