Congratulations. great job. Now let’s copy this layer’s effect to other layers.

To copy the effect from “odd 12” layer to “even 12” layer
  • click Odd 12 Layer, unlock the circle guide
  • Left-click target icon of Odd 12 with ALT/OPTION key on the keyboard.
  • Hold down the ALT/OPTION key and move the effect to another layer
  • You also need to copy the circle guide to another layer.
  • Click the circle guide on the layers panel
  • hold down ALT/OPTION key with the left mouse click, copy to the destination
  • Once you copy the effect and circle, switch to another layer ( even 12) by clicking on the layer name
  • Open appearance panel
  • you should see the copied effect in the Appearance panel
  • Now you can modify the effect or add a new effect
To add a new effect
  • Click Target Icon (small circle) again next to the layer name.
  • Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform.
  • make 1 copy and click reflect x checkbox

When you finish modification, don’t forget to lock the circle guide before drawing. Now you should see two effects in the Appearance panel for the “even 12” layer. The first effect will create a reflected copy of the object. and the second one will create 11 copies.

As a result, when all layers are set up and if you draw something into any selected layer, Layers’ effects will automatically be applied to your objects.

If you think the steps are confusing, you can watch the video to see how the process is done. The original language of YouTube Video is English. Turkish Subtitles are available. Enjoy!.

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