This document describes how to make a swatch in illustrator using a raster image.

If you would like to extract colors from an image and use them in your artwork, you can do one of the following options:

  1. Extract colors using Object mosaic
  2. Extract colors using image trace

Both methods create a color gorup in the swatches panel

1sth Method

To copy an image color in illustrator please follow the instructions here. you can use below image as a sample image

Picture from antalya bay

Step 1: From the file menu select Place.

Choose your image file and make sure “link” option is not selected. This will embed your image to AI file.

Place image

Step 2: Go to Object menu and select Create object mosaic

create mosaic menu

Step 3: Type 5 for the widh and High dimensions

Object mosaic

You should have similar vector like this:

create matrix

Step 4: Open your swatches panel. if you can not find your swatches panel you can find it by going window>swatches menu. Once you opened your panel go to upper right corner of the panel and click it. Then choose “new color group”. Now you should see your colors in the swatches panel as a new gorup.

New color group

2nd Method

Step 1: As in the first method place your image to the artboard. and convert your image to vector using image trace command. little down arrow near Image Trace button will pop up standard trace options. select 16 color.

image trace

Step 2: Once your image is converted to vector, exand it.

expand traced image

Step 3: As in the first method open your swatches panel and create new color group from the panel options. I hope this helps you.. Thank you for being here.


How to extract colors from an image in illustrator
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